Roche voices fears for EU nationals on jobs

The Chair of Migration Matters Trust, Barbara Roche, has spoken up for EU citizens in the UK and expressed her fears for the country's economy if it loses a substantial number of them in the aftermath of the Brexit vote. The MMT Chair was quoted in the FT in an article entitled "EU citizens in UK fear for jobs ahead of Brexit talks."

Barbara Roche, a former Labour immigration minister and chair of the Migration Matters Trust, said the survey results were “very worrying” and echoed some of the concerns that she had heard from people in business. “The UK cannot afford to lose people with these skills and talents,” she said.

Ms Roche urged the government to “state unequivocally” that EU citizens would be able to remain in the UK post-Brexit, and called on ministers to “keep restating” that there was no room for abuse of migrants and foreigners in British society.