Britain's Brexit challenge

Part of the Migration Matters Trust’s immediate role is to help focus the European debate on the facts.

Understanding the evidence on EU immigration will be critical if the UK is to strike the right deal in leaving the EU, particularly on whether Britain is to retain preferential access to the single market and the economic benefits that it brings.

All nations that are not full members of the EU, such as Norway and Switzerland, who participate in the single market, accept freedom of movement.

Whether the form of freedom of movement is iterated – for example, freedom of movement for those with job offers – or remains unaltered, there will be an intense debate on whether some measure of freedom of movement is retained in return for participation in the single market.

During the referendum campaign, the Remain campaign focused on the wider economic benefits of EU membership with comparatively little direct engagement on immigration.

Following the referendum result, the challenge is to directly engage on immigration in such a way that the facts matter.